Company Culture

Our Cumulative Traits

To be a part of Deco-King culture means one must be courageous. This does not mean just being brave in the face of a tough job – but rather it’s having the courage to conquer our own cowardly spirit. That little voice inside of us that says, “I can’t”, “It’s too hard” or “I am not good enough.” The biggest reason why we don’t achieve is because we don’t believe we can. We place roadblocks in our own way, sabotaging our own efforts. It takes courage and determination to crash down those roadblocks and push the limits we have placed upon ourselves or what others have placed upon our ability.


Our culture begins with a commitment. Deco-King place incredible value on the word – commitment. If we had to choose just one lesson for an employee to learn from participating in Deco-King; it would be learning how to make a commitment. If they say yes to participating, then they must understand that (have said yes) to entering into a relationship with me and everyone involved with this company. With that comes enormous responsibility. Essentially it means that I am going to expect the best from you and you can expect the best from me. It isn’t enough to say “I’ll show up.” We may say we are committed to many things in life; but to what degree? Commitment is connected to describe our culture. It is the title of the Deco-King Culture. The key is to infuse commitment into everything we stand for and what we do.

Preparation & Planning

Success to us is understanding that where preparation meets opportunity – greatness can be achieved. Preparation for us is long, tedious, and difficult, and the windows of opportunity are intense. None of our competitors – out work us on planning and preparation. We prepare well and when ready, we welcome and complement our dedication, with our quality finishes. We are committed to proper preparation and planning.


Our culture is built on trust and honestly. Having the courage to say, “this is who I am, can you help me – or can I help you?” it begins sometimes with a painful evolution of our strengths and weaknesses. Laying our self open to be vulnerable. But it is only through this process that real growth and change can occur. To fool ourselves into believing we have arrived is just closing the door on life itself. Therefore we are committed to develop.

Achievement & Success

Is it enough to say we work?

No. What makes our work ethic special is that we are committed to work. We don’t just go through the motions. We know the hard work and dedication necessary to pull of projects within the time line. Our goals serve as the blueprints for our success. What makes our goal setting different is we don’t just state our goals or write them down; we figure out actions, behaviour, and attitudes necessary in order to accomplish these goals. Every goal must be accompanied with a plan of action and if it’s not, it really isn’t a goal at all.

We are all part of a journey. The best we can hope for is to come as close to that destination as possible. That journey is no walk in the park, it is littered with setbacks, disappointment, and broken hearts.

It is only through the pain of significant self-examination that we can hope to right ourselves and remain on the straight and narrow path that will lead to true fulfilment and job satisfaction.